Tesla hacking attack – Takes control over the car

Discovered dangerous security flaw in Model S.

Tesla’s cars are hyped and now … hacked.
In a TV show, Chinese researchers reveal that they could take over the vital functions of a Tesla Model S.
Among other things, they could remotely control the doors, windshield wipers and even the brakes.

There has been much talk about self-driving cars and the risks associated with them.
However there is an even greater risk of future cars being exposed to “hacking” – i.e. someone enters the vehicle’s control system and takes over its functions.
The Chinese research lab, Keen Security Lab, has released a video and information about how they managed to take control of a Tesla Model S. The hacking demonstrated that the researchers could take control and manage things like electric seats, windshield wipers, signal systems as well as opening doors.
More alarming is that they could also slow down the car – and this during a couple of miles.

Working on a solution

Nevertheless, all Tesla owners can relax. Keen Security Lab did not do this to start messing with the Model S drivers worldwide. They have already informed about Tesla safety deficiencies and are now working with the automaker to find security solutions for the car.
However, it reveals an unpleasant truth. If even the technology-laden Tesla has problems with data security – how is the rest of the auto industry? And how will it be when additional car functions shall be computerized and more and more will function completely online?

Take a look at how the Chinese researchers hacked the car in the video above.


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