10 Rules You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Transportation Service

Below you have 10 facts you should know before buying your next transportation service. These might be different from using a  normal cab or an Uber, as they especially are meant for private transfers / limousine services when booking in advance.


1. The driver must speak very good English when providing transportation to foreign passengers

2. There must always be bottles of water in the vehicle when travelling in business class or higher;

3. The website on which you make your booking must propose different paying methods (credit card, PayPal or bank transfer for higher amounts);

4. Meet & Greet service must be included: the driver holding a welcome board with your name written on it at the exit of the luggage area in the airport or on the train dock;

5. The transport company must offer you free waiting time before you get picked-up, in order for you to have enough time to pick up your luggage;

6. The driver must keep track of the flight’s official landing time online before picking you up, so there is no excuse if the flight is delayed. The driver will be waiting for you whatever the delay of the flight;

7. The driver must have your contact details, so he can contact you if anything happens. And you will always have the company’s or the driver’s phone number. Thus if you aren’t able to find each other there is always a way of contact;

8. The transport company must provide you with its cancellation and refund policies, so you are aware when you are or aren’t able to cancel your reservation or ask for a refund if something has gone wrong;

9. You, the client, must be treated with respect by the driver and so should the driver by you. Because with mutual respect the driver will make sure to provide you with the best service possible.
For some reason historically buyers and providers/sellers have been portrayed as enemies when in actuality they both want the same thing: a successful smooth transaction.

10. Every vehicle has its limitation, so the details you provide during your booking should correspond to what you actually bring onboard the vehicle at the moment of pick-up. If you bring too much or too big luggage that doesn’t fit in the vehicle, obviously, the driver has the right to refuse you or charge extra, following the terms of the company.


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