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Story About Edelsway

How everything started...

Hey there,

My name is Niklas Edelstam, Edelsway’s CEO. I’m Swedish, from Stockholm, but living in Paris since 2004 where i attended the French school system.

I founded Edelsway in July 2016 after working for some years with transportation services and before that with e-commerce.

Edelsway is a Paris based company that collaborates with self-employed drivers in Paris and transportation partner-companies around the world.

Being fond of web business and development, I have always been dreaming of getting successful with my own web business.

I started buying and selling high-tech products on Ebay and in 2012, I created my own e-commerce website – – selling customized vinyl stickers for Apple products. Following my growing interest in international communication and putting to use my language skills, I started a new business selling transportation services to agents worldwide.

With a friend of mine who was working as a hotel manager and had some contacts with private drivers we founded, which provided transportation services between Paris and the airports. Later, thanks to my technical skills we started to develop our business internationally and founded another company, which provided transportation in Europe’s major cities.


Eventually we decided to split up though and I created my own business: Thanks to my vast network of transportation companies acquired during my past experiences, Edelsway is now able to provide transportation services worldwide. Not only standard transportation but also high quality services with experienced drivers and exclusive vehicles, as I decided to change the business model by orientating my offering towards higher standards.


An entrepreneur at heart, I have run successful companies bringing travel agents and transportation providers together, and have worked on projects for multiple international companies.