Story About Edelsway

How everything started...

Hey there,

My name is Niklas Edelstam, Edelsway’s CEO. I’m Swedish, from Stockholm, but living in Paris since 2004 where i attended the French school system.

Edelsway is a Paris based private transportation company.

At Edelsway we offer private transportation in Paris and in other cities in France. Transfers are made by sedan, van, minibus or bus. All transfers are booked in advance and made by chauffeurs with at least 10 years of experience. 

Being fond of e-business and travel,I have always dreamt of succeeding with my own business in that field.

In 2013, following my growing interest in web development, e-business, travel, international communication and putting to use my language skills, I started a new business, selling transportation services to travel agents worldwide with a partner who was a hotel manager at the time.

After my graduation of a Master in Digital Communication Management in Web & E-Business in 2015, I founded my own business, Edelsway, which offers only high-quality private transportation services with experienced drivers and exclusive vehicles like Mercedes-Benz E Class, S Class, V Class and Sprinter.


Looking forward to our partnership with you in reaching our mutual objectives and to growing our prosperous relationship.