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Ford: connected cars and Wifi 4G hotspot in 2018

Ford will integrate a 4G modem into its cars, to make them connected and provide Wi-Fi hotpots feature on-board.

Faithful to the Mobile World Congress, the American brand has chosen Barcelona to reveal its partnership with Vodafone in Europe, to include a Wi-Fi 4G hostpot in all its cars from 2018.

Several advantages to this. With its more powerful auto-integrated antenna, the system allows for more efficient reception of the signal than directly into a smartphone. Several devices (maximum 10) can connect at the same time to the onboard hotspot, which is accessible within a radius of 10 m around the car.


A mobile app to monitor your car remotely

The built-in modem also allows you to connect to the car remotely with the FordPass Connect mobile application, for example to locate it or check its levels.

It will also be an opportunity to include the eCall (automatic emergency call with localization), which will then become mandatory in Europe.

As for the cost of this system, nothing has yet been disclosed.



Source: frandroid

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